Meet your future employer/employee

During the event you have the opportunity to talk to successful men and women from businesses in Silicon Valley. Talk to entrepreneurs and people from established big businesses about the differences in culture in the Nordics compared to Silicon Valley. Be ready to talk to new customers, new talent and potential mentors.


Are you an employer looking for people that can take your business to the next level? Come mingle with like-minded innovative people from the Nordic regions and Silicon Valley. 


Bring your business card, and be ready to add new LinkedIn contacts.

Get inspired by the success stories

Fueled by passion, drive, and determination, Nordic women climbed to the top in Silicon Valley’s competitive Tech industry.


All of our speakers have amazing stories to share. Under the moderation of Eva Helen we will discover how the start-up process was for the invited Directors and CEO's. How do their stories differ and what do they have in common? What have they learned along the way?

Have a good time!

This evening is the perfect time to mingle. Eat some snacks, drink a glass of wine and enjoy being in the wonderful Nordic community. Who knows, maybe you'll even make a new friend or two?

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