Nordic Women in Technology & Innovation is a collaboration between SWEA Professional and Nordic Innovation House. Thank you to all the partners that made this possible. 


Nordic Women in Technology and Innovation is an event organized by Nordic Innovation House and SWEA Professional. Together the organizations will to examine the journey of some of the leading Nordic women who are setting their marks and standards in technology & innovation. 

  • What does the environment look like for women entrepreneurs in the Nordics? Does the current picture show that women are gaining ground and having success—in absolute terms and also relatively to men?

  • Do women entrepreneurs favor certain types of industries or sectors in the startup world, or are they active across different sectors and industries? What factors may affect what we are currently seeing?

  • What challenges do women entrepreneurs face that their male counterparts either don’t face or are facing to a lesser degree? How can these challenges be mitigated?

  • How is the current picture likely to change in the next few years, and what are some of the most important factors that will influence changes we will likely see?




SWEA Professional

SWEA Professional is a network for Swedish women in the San Francisco Bay Area. With monthly networking events, the goal is to broad each member's professional network and to learn a lot about different lines of business.



Nordic Innovation House

Nordic Innovation House is the US headquarters for the Nordic Startup Community. We are a unique collaboration between the five Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.